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Do you review low-budget and/or no budget films?

We, at Inconceivable! Reviews, are very supportive of local and independent filmmakers. We believe passionately in the film industry and are particularly passionate about supporting those who are just starting out on low-budget and no-budget productions.

We are willing to review any independently made films. However, we will not review anything that we have been involved in during pre-production, filming or post-production (this includes the audition process). We firmly believe that if we review projects that we have been involved in at any point, this creates a conflict of interest and we are not willing to jeopardise our credibility to review these films (no matter how awesome they may be). 

If you have created an independent film and its production hasn't involved  us, feel free to contact us regarding a review. However, please bear in mind, that we do write our reviews with a scoop of analysis, a topping of evaluation and a sprinkle of comedy (#nothingbeatsicecream). If you aren't willing to allow us to make some jokes about your film, then it may be best to give us a pass, and rely on good old-fashioned mainstream reviewers.

We hope you keep us informed of your work, even if you don't want us to review it.


Can I write for you?

At this stage, we aren't seeking additional reviewers. However, we are always open to hearing from interested writers, so that if an availability should arise, you will be at the top of our list.


You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means...


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